National Energy Technology Laboratory and The Regional University Alliance

National Energy Technology Laboratory Carnegie Mellon University Penn State University of Pittsburgh URS Virginia Tech West Virginia University

What do you get when you combine the capabilities of five universities, a National Laboratory and a major multinational corporation? The answer is an industry-changing research alliance that is far more powerful than any single member.

You also get the unique challenge of tracking thousands of scientists and facilities. That's why NETL-RUA turned to ReConn software to catalog capabilities across all 7 RUA members and identify competitive strengths within its research focus.

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Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University

What happens when a leading research university removes the administrative barriers to cross-cutting collaboration? The result is world-class interdisciplinary research. But it also means lots of time spent searching for research partners. That's why CMU is currently piloting ReConn software to support internal Expertise Finding across every department.

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Relief Labs International

When a natural disaster strikes, what's the fastest way to get critical supplies to relief organizations? Relief Labs International is using discounted ReConn software to help aid groups optimize their supply chain and communications.

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