Research Connector is Insight

Research Connector is the new Activity Reporting platform from ReConn, now being piloted by the faculty of Carnegie Mellon University. Research Connector represents the next generation in Activity Reporting software because it was designed to enhance the quality of research, not just get Annual Reports done.

Research Connector's strongest feature is its foundation in Rubix, ReConn's very own development environment. The flexibility of Rubix allows ReConn to offer the industry's first Activity Reporting platform with true customizability. With Research Connector, the software adapts to your institution's existing business processes, instead of the other way around.


Analysis for deans and decision makers

Research Connector provides highly reliable performance data and customizable analysis tools: The Dashboard feature provides real-time numbers of your institution's most vital statistics, while a built-in query builder allows decision makers to jump to the exact information they need. Customizable templates are included for common reports, and advanced text analysis and visualization tools help leaders identify, cluster and analyze research trends.

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Connecting research, connecting people

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Research Connector was designed to jump-start interdisciplinary collaborations. The system uses activity data to drive several tools that connect faculty in new ways. In addition to automatically creating social networking profiles for users, Research Connector continuously updates an institutional Expert-Finding database. The system enhances public exposure by automatically generating faculty homepages. Once connections are made, Research Connector keeps them alive with powerful messaging and blogging features.


Convenience for faculty

Annual Reports on Research Connector are easy. The system saves faculty time by pre-populating a majority of fields with information pulled from previous reports and other databases. Data entered once can then be used in several places. In addition to automatically creating a social networking profile and public homepage, Research Connector can instantly generate faculty CVs in a variety of formats. It also provides a convenient document repository that lets faculty store and track all of their publications.

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